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Most AMAZING Trucks And Buses From The FUTURE!

From buses made by 3-D printers to intelligent trucks that can communicate with one another, here are 8 of the coolest trucks and buses of the future you have to see!! 8. Olli The company Local Motors from Arizona created an electric shuttle that’s 3D-printed and partly recyclable. And it’s …

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10 Best Smartphone Gadgets You Must Know !

Welcome to TTI and welcome to the world of smartphones today we are listing some amazing gadgets which are actually pretty useful in this smartphone community we live in so just sit back and enjoy the video internet communicator an iPod a phone are you getting it these are not …

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10 Most Expensive MotorCycles (2018)

Hey folks! welcome to another episode of TTI! motorcycles have always been related to a different lifestyle a different way to enjoy the journey and not just as a simple means of transportation since the invention of the first motorcycles until now they’ve changed to become engineering magical beasts that …

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