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SKULLY FENIX Motorcycle Helmet: Should We Trust The New SKULLY?

Welcome to American Ninja Warrior, I’m Alex While I’m waiting a few more days for the final decision to come down on this dude I figured be good to do a light pallet cleanser video You know before they tell me that he gets no punishment And I’m inevitably and screaming in front of this camera again The Consumer Electronics Show Aka CES was last week. CES is a magical place where small and big companies attempt to dazzle retailers to sell them weird and often impractical gadgets. This year among sleep pillow robots, headbands that jam electricity in your brain to help you lose weight, and Airbags for old people’s, butts there was a familiar product… I’m here at Scully technologies was their new at a FENIX AR augmented reality Helmet. SKULLY is back baby, BIAAAA! To refresh everyone’s memory, the previous SKULLY was an ambitious attempt to bring modern car technology, such as rear-facing cameras and augmented reality heads-up displays to motorcyclists Skully was started in 2013 by two brothers; Markus and Mitch Weller Not those guys, Those guys.

In 2014 they joined a wave of crowdfunding ventures raising almost two and a half million dollars, which was ten times their goal. As isn’t uncommon, the product was delayed several times, while the slow trickle of helmets made it into backers hands. During 2015 and 2016, some frustrated customers and backers started to request refunds, despite SKULLY’s promise that they would eventually fulfill their order. August 2016 SKULLY files for bankruptcy, despite thousands of unfulfilled orders and unprocessed refunds. We find out later that the Weller brothers likely didn’t have the skill set required to make a massive project like this a reality.

And a number of allegations arise regarding embezzlement and mistreatment of some employees. Fast forward again to October 2017. A new company called SKULLY Technologies announces that they’ll be shipping a newer, better version of the original SKULLY helmet, called the FENIX. I see what you did there. Clever girl. Hopefully you hear that statement and you get a little excited. But then immediately that excitement is tamp down by suspicion and skepticism. Some questions that should immediately come to your mind are: How are they paying for this? And is there any fine print or gotchas with these fulfillment promises? I did some research, and here’s the story of the new SKULLY helmet and more importantly, SKULLY technologies the company manufacturing it. The thing about Silicon Valley startups is that despite gross mismanagement of a company, good ideas rarely die.

Flailing startups like SKULLY still have capital investments like spec ialized machining equipment as well as intellectual property like patents and trademarks. These assets can be used to integrate these technologies into a new product, retrofitted into an older product or sold or licensed to other companies in the market. Rafael and Ivan Contreras, they’re cousins, picked up the pieces of SKULLY. They founded their own aviation technology company in 2004 called Carbures, which is still in business today. They’ve also reinvigorated a number of motorcycle adjacent companies, including Torrot, an electric motorcycle company, and Gas Gas, a Spanish motorcycle manufacturer. So that answers how they’re gonna fund SKULLY Technologies And how they’re gonna be able to afford potentially thousands of free helmets for customers. The biggest question for me though is; Why would the y revive this painted and defunct SKULLY name? The answer is that they see more value in the market awareness of the SKULLY name than they do in the value of the free Helmets or the bad blood spilled by SKULLY burning its previous customers.

And you know what? They’re probably right. Hell they’ve probably calculated as a marketing expense, cheaper than a Superbowl ad. Based on my research the Contreras cousins seem like competent, experienced, and smart dudes with a proven track record of actually fulfilling promises. Let’s talk about the fine print on some of these details though. Supposedly the SKULLY FENIX will be shipping in summer, 2018. Summer could be considered as soon as four months from now in May. Or it could be as long as eight months from now in August or September This gives us plenty of time to sit back and confirm that there’s no more speed bumps, or delays, or manufacturing problems before we make a buying decision. If you’re one of the people that backed or pre-ordered the SKULLY, you can go to the ‘Make it right campaign’ under ‘SKULLY Nation’ on their website. The forms pretty easy to fill out And it looks like they got all the customer information from the previous SKULLY iteration. So if you got a refund in some form, even if it was pro-rated you might be out of luck.

But if you got anything less than a full refund I definitely fell out the forum and explain the situation. If they’re really committed to ‘making it, right’ then I’d expect them to at least offer some sort of pro-rated or discounted helmet purchase offer at minimum for your trouble. If they really really wanted to make it right they’d contact all the people that they don’t have records for getting a refund for and make some sort of arrangement. BUT, that’s probably too much to ask. They don’t say specifically what percentage of their products are gonna go to SKULLY fulfillments. It probably depends on how many people will request a fulfillment, how many pre-orders they get for the FENIX as well as how long it takes them to spin up their manufacturing process. But I wouldn’t be surprised if summer 2018 turns into 2019 for a large percentage of SKULLY fulfillment orders. There are a handful reviews for the previous SKULLY product, and like most bleeding-edge tech products, it wasn’t the perfect piece of hardware The few reviews out there are mostly positive, but do site issues that are common with first-gen tech products.

Odd battery performance as well as questionable UI designs with the app and the rear LEDs, as well as a very limited number of voice commands are some of the issues cited. The SKULLY AR-1 was a pretty ambitious product, and they didn’t really ship that many so there isn’t as much info for SKULLY Technologies to go off of to refine flaws in the previous design. So if you were scraping your pennies together or considering taking out a fifth mortgage in order to afford a fifteen to eighteen hundred dollar helmet, I might sit back and wait for version two. Second generation products get to take advantage of economies of scale So its second gen version will likely be cheaper, more reliable, and probably have some fixes for small design flaws. Alright, I said my piece so, you know, don’t come crying to me when you pre-order right now and you don’t have it by 2024.

I don’t do much self promoting, but if you’re in the video game stuff I’ve started streaming on Twitch. Check it out if you’re into that sort of thing and I plan on doing another interview video and hopefully incorporating some sort of live streaming aspect . All right now leave me alone. I got to put in a pre-order for this FENIX… (IT Crowd Theme Playing) Hey Scully I shilled for you. Now give me a free helmet. .

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