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Is This The Worlds Greatest Bike Shop? | Corsa Corsa Tokyo

(dramatic echoing impacts) (metallic slashing) – Now, being a real avid bike geek like myself, I’m super excited to be here in Japan, because there’s a shop which I’ve been following on Instagram for a while, called Corsa Corsa. And now I’m in Yutenji, which is inside Tokyo. I’ve actually managed to come here. Now I’ve never been in here in my life, but I’m very excited, because from what I’ve seen online, they’ve got some absolutely amazing bits of kit. And I’m here because, well, they speak Campagnolo here, as you can see. So, I’m gonna go inside and meet the owner, who is going to show me some of the most amazing bikes in the world, at least I hope. Let’s go and do it. (laughing) Wow. (upbeat electronic music) Kids, do not turn off the TV, because this is the future of aerodynamic bikes, or at least it was back in the ’80s. Check out the filled in sections in between the tubes, to reduce air turbulence.

I remember growing up going to time trials with my father and seeing guys riding bikes like this, and it was absolutely brilliant. I loved them, and you still do see a few artisan frame builders making bikes like that. In fact, I looked at one back at the bespoke show in the UK, back in April. But this one is ever so special because, importantly, the front wheel is 24 inch. Why is that, though? This gets super low, super aerodynamic. The rear though, that is a 700C wheel. And, well, finding wheels for this bike isn’t necessarily gonna be that easy, because to get period-correct parts, yeah, that’s not a simple job. So check out that behind me, that’s a 24 inch wheel, Campagnolo Ghibli disc wheel.

I’m lost for words, because I never thought I’d see one. I’ve heard they exist, but I’ve seen the 26 inch, never the 24. Oh, and this one, that’s just one of Miguel Induráin’s bikes just hanging around behind me. So, part of Sachi’s job is actually to kind of fulfill his clients’ dreams which I think is an absolutely amazing job to have, because the pleasure of doing that, especially when your passion is bicycles, must be absolutely amazing, so I would love to be in his shoes. So, take for instance this bike, this Rasen, this actually belonged to a rider called Alberto Fernandez back in the 1980s, so, the early 80s, and he was a big rival of Giuseppe Saronni, who was the world champion back in ’82 in Goodwood. And well, his client came along, saw his own bike, so, saw Sachi’s bike, and said, “I want one just like that.” So, Sachi went to work, and look at what he’s done.

He’s created an almost perfect replica. There’s only a couple of differences I can actually spot. All brand-new, amazing. It’s done in such a way that, like I say, you know, he’s fulfilling someone’s dream. That he’s seen that bicycle, and they would like to have the same thing. So, the chrome at the rear end is the same, the pantographing, it’s taking my breath away, again, because I simply can’t believe that these things are possible, because I’ve searched high and low on the internet, myself, to try and find these sorts of parts, and I’ve never been able to. I’ve seen them on people’s Instagram pages, and I’ve always wondered, “Where on earth have they got them from?” I’ve met the man who finds these bits, and makes people’s dreams well and truly come true. (light techno music) Something else that has come to light in what I’m only gonna call the Aladdin’s cave for bike lovers, is this. The Campagnolo record 50th anniversary group set in the original box. It also comes in a zip-up bag, as well.

Everything brand new, never been used, never been fitted onto a bike. Now this one is actually model number 4721. So that’s the 4721st edition of this 50th anniversary group set. So this is from 1983, and to be honest, between the years of 1983 and probably 1985 is kind of vintage, or classic Italian era of bike parts and bikes, really. you might even be able to see something in the background which I’m going to come onto shortly, but the actual quality of it is very different to the other record from around about that time, in that the finish of it is noticeably different from the standard components.

I can’t explain how or why, but there are even some Americans out there who think that it’s made from a different material. (upbeat electronic music) A lot of it is quite new to me because I was only three years old at the time, but, I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever actually been able to touch one. I mean, we’ve got everything in here even the gum-colored brake lever hoods, as well. I was never a fan of that color, really. I always thought it looked a little bit weird, but, when they’re brand new, they look amazing, especially when you’ve got a little gold bit of low going on there, too. I’m really worried about damaging it, to be honest. I mean even the gear levers, they’ve still got a bit of the paper packaging that they came fitted with.

You’ve got a brand new headset, a brand new bottom bracket. Of course, there’s no sealed bearings on all of these parts. Well, they are sealed, obviously they are cup and cone rather than cartridge bearing. So that’s right, a hub from back then. No free hub on it, and so it’s a screw on freewheel that would go on there. Probably a Campagnolo, something like a 13 to 18 freewheel, or maybe a gold setted one, if you were feeling really, really flashy. But these quick release skewers as well, one of my favorites because of the hinge. But there’s actually kind of like, this really cool little hinge here which you can then flatten up against the locking nut of the skewer. Toe clips of course, bringing back nightmares for me, falling off at traffic lights. Yeah, look at it, though. 50th anniversary group set in the box, wow. (light electronic music) Now many of you at home will be absolutely going wild if you’re anything like me. Miguel Induráin’s bike, this one is actually from 1996, and it is an absolute beauty. And it’s really customized, actually, which did surprise me.

Now I’m unsure of who the builder of this was. I know that when Induráin was using steel frames, he was having Dario Pegoretti, the late Dario Pegoretti, build some of his bikes. This one however, is an alloy frame but with a steel fork on it. Now, the frame itself is slightly undersized, if you like, for Induráin, because he was six foot two in height, which is about one meter 88.

And traditionally, he used to use a built up head tube there at the front, which he does have on this, too. But by having a smaller diamond, if you like, of the frame, it’s actually gonna be a bit stiffer, and in doing so, there’s a couple of customizations done. So, for instance, the top tube, it’s slightly ovalized here where it meets the seat tube, and I guess that’s actually to increase the strength and rigidity. Also, the same can be said about the domed tube. He’s got a mountain bike stem on here, so an ITM tomahawk stem, which has a slight rise on it. So, in order to have a smaller frame, of course, you are gonna need your bars at the correct height.

So by using that stem, he’s got them there. Now, the cranks on this bike, pretty unusual. 180 millimeters in length, which is not that common, indeed, and the reason they are of that length is because in Induráin has got really long femurs, so that’s actually this bone here. And I remember reading years and years ago that someone said that’s why he made such a good Grand Tour rider, because of the length of his femurs. Or in fact, maybe it’s because he was such a good time trial rider, I can’t remember. Either way, I’m gonna carry on talking about the customized bits of tech, because this has got a nine-speed group set on there, one of the first ones from Campagnolo. So it does look like an eight speed, particularly the levers, but there are nine teeth on there.

Now that cassette, 1223. That’s right, 1223, 5339. Now, Grand Tour riders these days, they have a 28 cassette on the back there. So, yeah, Induráin, he was really something special. Sticking with this back wheel, look at the spokes. Sapim bladed spokes, tied and soldered on the drive side. Because he was putting out so much power, that wheel needed to be super strong. Staying with these wheels, Campagnolo Barcelona 92 rims. I always wanted a pair of these when I was a kid. And now I’m not a kid, I still want a pair. Now, glued on to them, a pair of Vittoria Corsa CX tires, tubulars, of course, in 21 millimeter width. That’s right, 21 millimeters. Those of you at home who love riding around in your 25 millimeters, Induráin, 21. 21. And the last bit on this bike, is the forks are actually made of steel. So you can see here, because of the chrome finish. And one of the reasons behind that is it is incredibly difficult to make a really good alloy fork.

It’s just simply trying to get them in the correct lines and such, like, it’s not that easy to do. Well, Induráin, he knew a thing or two about it, didn’t he. But, one final thing, actually, I’ve just noticed is that the handlebar tape is wrapped differently to what I would advise and that most people advise, where you start at the at the bottom and finish at the top. In this case he starts at the top, finish at the bottom.

But this sort of tape isn’t gonna curl up like it would do with a cork style tape, instead, it will remain nice and flat. And I do like that, actually, because you don’t have to use any finishing tape at the end. Now if you’re thinking high tech bike, I know what you’re thinking! But this is high tech. This is from probably the early 70s or mid 70s. Get this, pop-up lights. Probably inspired by something like a Lamborghini. And, well, that’s not where it ends. This is its lock for the front wheel, so you just simply put that in, remove the key and go away, leave it somewhere safe. But even more interesting is the fact that this bike has got an electronic derailleur on it. Well, alright, the trailer itself is not electronic, but it is in fact electronic gear shifting. Now, the Maruishi, it’s not ready and working, so I can’t demonstrate it. But, check out that, there’s actually a gear lever that you can use and, essentially it goes, I’m just being passed this, it fits onto the top tube.

Look at that, it’s like a gear lever you would find in your car. So you put that on there, it connects to a motor which is attached there on the rear end of the bike, and in turn, that motor actually moves the cable adjusted rear derailleur. so it’s not like your Di2 or SRAM eTap, or Campagnolo EPS, but well, for a 1970s edition, it’s not bad, is it? (gentle electronic music) Now, when I walked through the door of Corsa Corsa, I was met with this, the Colnago c35, a carbon fiber bike which looks quite frankly, space age now, so imagine what it looked like back in 1983, when it was first released. Incredible bit of kit.

Now, I mean, for a start, the fact that it had five spoke wheels with it back then, that was incredible. Nothing else out there had five spoke wheels. And in fact, it took a long time for the Mavic five spoke, the Mavic iO, I think that was released in 1996. So, that’s some time later, isn’t it? That’s 13 years on. If we look at the group set, though, while we’ve got a mixture of silver and gold, of course the gold is to complement the C35’s gold decals as well as, check out the gear levers, where they are on the down tube.

They’re met in the center of the tube, rather than the outside, to give you a little bit of an aerodynamic gain. And whilst we’re on those levers, look at that, internal cable routing. Again, this is so far into the future for back then, because it actually took a long time for technologies like that to actually become commonplace on road bikes. The swooping tube styles, the regal saddle, again, with the brass rivets, and that always crocodile-like skin, if you like, there. Then, check out that bar tape. That matches in perfectly, both of the weave of the carbon, as well as the actual perforations, I guess you could call those, on the saddle itself. This is truly a work of art. Now, all of these gold finishing details, that’s not standard, that’s been done by Sacchi himself, because he truly loves to customize bits for bikes to his own dream or his customer’s dreams. So, that’s why you may not have seen a gold Campagnolo seat post before, or levers, or shifters, or breaks, or cranks, or rear derailleur.

(gentle electronic music) I honestly feel right now like I have died and I’ve gone to heaven. I’m absolutely, I’ve got goose bumps. I don’t if you can see that, it’s a bit embarrassing. I’m, yeah. For a start, We’ve got Mavic Perry Roubaix SSC rims. I don’t think I’ve ever touched any in my life, and they are, people still dream about getting them, and I’m absolutely amazed. Veloflex Criterium tubular tires. I mean, Campagnolo, – C record first generation. – First generation of C Record, and it looks, it looks absolutely brand new. I’m absolutely, sheriff star hubs. – Yes. – Sheriff star hubs. This is from an era I don’t know loads and loads about, but I know a little bit. Also got the chain tabs here, so that’s to stop the wheel from moving when you lay down the power.

I don’t lay down enough power to worry about that. But, a Kalavinka frame, this is incredible. The paintwork and the lugs, everything. It’s absolutely blowing my mind. We’ve got the stitched on handlebar tape, as well. Campagnolo bar ends, Vinito bottle cage. It’s things which I’ve seen and I’ve always dreamt about being able to get up close to, but now I’m able to. It’s just simply stunning. (light electronic music) This is the road-going version of the very much sought after by collectors, Cinelli Laser. Now, there are very very few of these still out there in the world, and this one is the 75th one to come off of the production line, because in fact, it is stamped down there on the bottom bracket shell. Now, this bike is from 1984, and it’s got the first generation C record group set from the same year on it, too. And this bike I reckon, kind of started the whole aerodynamics game. So it is just 12 speed gears, but importantly, it’s fully internal cabled, so as you can see, where the cables leave the gear shifters that are mounted in the center on a raised up boss, they go straight down into the dome tube tube there, and the front derailleur one pops out just there by the rear tire, and then the rear derailleur cable just pops out at the chainstay really neatly, and I never knew that existed on these bikes, because like I say, I’ve never been able to get up close and personal with one.

Talk about the gears though, 12 speed. Six speed there on the rear, and the wheels have actually got a really nice configuration. I had this on a bike of mine back in the 90s, so I was a little bit out of date in fact, when I thought I was quite futuristic. we’ve got a three cross, or two crossed, sorry, in this case, drive side, and we’ve got radially laced non-drive side. I always think that looks super, super cool. Front wheel fully radial, with slightly bladed spokes, just to cheat the wind a little bit more, matching up with the frame’s characteristics. And if one Cinelli Laser wasn’t enough to write home about, well, we’ve got another one here.

Nothing much really to say about this one. Actually there’s a lot but I’m not gonna go fully into depth on this one just yet. But, something of incredible interest to me on this one is that it’s a track bike, so as you can see here from the horizontal rear facing dropouts, but, it does in fact have water bottle cage mounts on there too. Now, I don’t think it’s been used in time trials or anything like that, because there are no signs of any brakes being fitted in the past. However, it makes me think that maybe somebody was training for, maybe, possibly the hour record, and wanted to have an exact replica of the bike they’ll be using for it, so they opted for one with bottle cage mounts. It’s incredible that this bike has still stood the test of time and I love the fact that someone’s keeping it nice and safe and, well, it’s not being destroyed in any way at all by using it out on the road, for instance, as some track bikes do tend to find their way going there.

But with a bike as iconic as this, it deserves its place rightfully on a wall, I think. (light electronic music) So we’ve got a Campagnolo SGR pedal here, which, is rare as hen’s teeth, to be perfectly honest. And this one has been kind of chrome-plated, but with a gold effect finish, and then with Campagnolo printed on the side there. So if gold’s your thing, then maybe these are the thing for you. You don’t find these at all anymore. (scoffing) Wonder if he’ll notice if I take it. I simply had to include this Bianchi Tintin REO. So this celebrates the hundred year anniversary of Bianchi, so this is from 1985. And if you look at it, it looks like it could still be from 1995, because in fact, bikes didn’t change that much in those 10 years. But, if we look at it in detail, you are gonna see so many fine details on there. We got all the pantographing here saying Bianchi Centenario, as well as using the beautiful Celeste color as well, in the inset here of Bianchi.

And that is on every single component on the bike including the seat post there, you can see, even the rims have got Bianchi on them. Those rims, pretty sure they’re probably a pair of Ambrosios. Even the tires though, they’ve been made especially to match this bike, and the rumor has it that this is probably one of the last 100% Italian built bikes coming out of Bianchi. I just got to say as well, look at this, even the pump has got leather hand stitched onto the handles, so you’re not going to get, well, sore hands, necessarily, when you’re pumping up your flat tire. Although, I don’t think this bike is going to be used that much in order to get flat tires, to be perfectly honest. Even the bottle, that’s even got some leather wrapped around it too, as has the handlebars, and matching brake cables.

This bike is something just to behold and look at. As for the paint work, well, there isn’t actually any paint work on it, it’s a chrome effect finish. It’s really hard to actually notice and spot, but it’s certainly something oh so special, as are those seat stays actually, I just noticed how slender and thin they are where they join the seat tube lug there at the back. Please can I take it home? Please? There many of you who know how much I enjoy cleaning bikes. Having a clean bike is a happy bike, and we all want to have a happy bike, after all. But if I owned this Masi Gran Criterium, I think that cleaning a bike would be taken to the next level because, just simply check out these cutaways here on the chainstay, horizontally going through, it’s minus material, as well as up here on the seat stays to where they join the top tube and the seat tube again, missing. And then what’s super cool is on the front forks, also. Coming from the front, you’re gonna see there also is missing material. It’s just purely for design, I don’t think it’s for function, anyway, because these bikes, they’re not gonna be the most aerodynamic racing going machines.

But to look at, well, that looks fantastic, don’t you agree? (gentle electronic music) I have had so much fun visiting Sachi and all of his bikes and parts and everything like that. I wish I could stay here for longer, but it’s dark outside, that’s why we’re having to finish off here, rather than leaving the shop, because, well, there’s no daylight left. But let me know which of these bits of tech were your favorite down there in the comment section down below. Again, I wish I could have shown you everything, because it’s absolutely ram packed full of amazing, great stuff.

Now, as ever, remember to like and share this video with your friends, I’m sure you’re gonna do that, especially on this one. And don’t forget to check out the GCN shop at shop.globalcyclingnetwork.com, where we have a whole heap of goodies for you to check out. And now for another great video, click just down here, and I’m gonna have to be probably thrown out of here, because I don’t want to leave. .

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