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Throttle Body – Explained

Hello everyone and welcome in this video we’re going to be talking about throttle bodies so what is a throttle body well this right here is a throttle body and basically it’s located between your air intake filter and piping and your intake manifold and acts as a valve restricting …

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Adaptiv TPX 2.0 Motorcycle Radar Detector Review – Radar Roy

Are you considering accessorizing your motorcycle with a radar detector to avoid expensive speeding tickets? During our 2015 Radar Detector and Laser Jammer Shootout we tested the new TPX radar detector from Adaptiv Technologies. During this test the TPX was found to have 4 times the capture distance of police …

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What Happens To An Engine Without Oil?

Hello, everyone and welcome in this video We’re going to be discussing what happens when an engine has no oil as a demonstration will be viewing an engine with and without oil running this is the exact same engine on the left and the right on the left with oil …

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Is This The Worlds Greatest Bike Shop? | Corsa Corsa Tokyo

(dramatic echoing impacts) (metallic slashing) – Now, being a real avid bike geek like myself, I’m super excited to be here in Japan, because there’s a shop which I’ve been following on Instagram for a while, called Corsa Corsa. And now I’m in Yutenji, which is inside Tokyo. I’ve actually …

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Most AMAZING Trucks And Buses From The FUTURE!

From buses made by 3-D printers to intelligent trucks that can communicate with one another, here are 8 of the coolest trucks and buses of the future you have to see!! 8. Olli The company Local Motors from Arizona created an electric shuttle that’s 3D-printed and partly recyclable. And it’s …

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