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Belle Meyer: Certificate III in Automotive Mechanical Technology (Light Vehicle) apprenticeship

Hi my name’s Belle I study automotive mechanics here at st. Georges Chakra teeth and I also work at Lexus where I carry out my apprenticeship in u10 I was living out in the country and I was a bit unsure of where I wanted to go I kind of wanted to drop out of school into a trade and I found that Toyota was offering what they call a school-based traineeship where I had studied my apprenticeship and I went to school and completely did my HSC team up with a course created by Toyota and TAFE to encourage young high school students like myself during the HSC to see whether they wanted to participate in industries such as the automotive a lot of people think that working a male-dominated environment you have to be physically strong it’s not so much physically strong but being told smaller teeth has been extremely inspirational to me my teachers that I’ve had have only encouraged me and entered me in competitions and given me all the resources that have ever needed and I think without them I probably wouldn’t have wanted to carry on this far I want to continue teeth gives us a really thorough understanding of an engine and how it works and gives us really in detail ways of how to carry out repairs and recently some of the specific things we’ve been looking into and studying engine heads and deciphering web problems could be coming from compression tests air leakage spark plugs these sort of things that really have to be perfect in an engine to have it maintained and working to how it should be tasted teach us that being a mechanic you have to be professional because a lot of things bounce back on you if anything does go wrong you are liable tape has prepared me not only through education but working amongst other people and working with people to miss you and carry out a job as it’s meant to be done for a goal thinking to do mechanics you have to be headstrong you cannot be pushed around and you have to know where you stand and not let anyone tell you different I look back and I don’t so much compare myself but I see how far I’ve come the experience has definitely built up a personality which I don’t think I would have any other way one day I would love to work on it a Chevrolet or an old Buick or something really sort of huge beastly cause

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